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• Dila Tarim, which has a professional infrastructure since 2005 due to its experiences in domestic and foreign trade, has targeted leadership in its sector. It has adopted the mission of quality in production, compliance with EU standards and customer satisfaction in marketing. It works innovation-oriented by following the developments in the sector. • In 2012, it started the production and export of pomegranate seed oil and freshly squeezed pomegranate juice in order to produce products with high added value at international standards from fruits and vegetables, which are of great importance in terms of agricultural production, and to utilize production wastes. • Our company, which has opened to the European and world markets, attaches great importance to quality and hygiene in product supply, processing, packaging and storage stages. • In 2014, it took its place in European markets with the partnership with the French company. It ensures customer satisfaction today with its mechanism that inspects its supplier in the production of organic pomegranate juice, which it included in its structure in 2016 to support organic agriculture, and its certified product controlled by international certification and inspection organizations. • Entering the European Union and global markets and realizing 25% of its productionorganically, Dila Tarim continues its R&D studies under the control of a professional team in the product procurement, processing, packaging and storage stages and serves with an increasing product range. • Our goal is to increase our organic product production, organic production and export of different products. • As the vision of the company, we adopt human health, animal health, phytosanitary and a beautiful nature understanding in production and trade. • We do not see our customers and consumers apart from ourselves, and we do not offer food that we cannot consume. • We supply our products from producers known for their quality in the relevant product groups of our country and deliver them to the table. • We naturally produce juices of valuable fruits and vegetables in terms of production potential in our country. Our juices are squeezed directly from the fruit (NFC) and consist of only 100% fresh fruit, containing the juice and flavor of the fruit. So it is the fruit itself. In addition to flavor, we produce functional products that contain high antioxidants that are beneficial for your health. • We closely follow technological innovations, include them with new investments, and increase the production of functional food that is beneficial for human health.

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ISO22000,ISO9001,organic EU,organic NOP,Organic TR
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